I got a parcel in the mail today :’) I have to post this because I cannot even deal with how perfect this all is SERIOUSLY

So Bjork does a box set called Volatic, that follows her Volta tour and includes some remixes. It is huge and gorgeous and was only £35. £35! That’s an absolute steal.

So here’s the rest of it sobbb so beautiful:

Back shot (Excuse the foot, ha ha)

The only bad thing is that you have to break the sticker on the front to open it; which set my collecting senses off and I pretty much sat and stared at it sadly before finally getting the balls to just open the damn thing, ha ha



And this is the contents: 2 CDs, 2 DVDs, 3 LPs and a small fold-up credit sheet/poster (unpictured whoops)

Gorgeous ;3;

I really like the ‘lava drop’ design; it’s fabulous ksjdfnkdfj

And also, I got the 1st set of Biophilia remixes; the deluxe print CD version (decided not to be precious about the LP although it was a limited press). It’s also a gorgeous bit of printing ;3;

So I’m a very happy Pilot today :’) Also I cannot stop listening to the Current Value Remix of Crystalline HOLY SHIT MAN

Best day sob 

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